Islam students at LUC

Blog Post 14

Posted on: December 10, 2015

Overall, I really enjoyed the class. Although I am Muslim, coming in to this class was not only a refresher on things I already knew, but also taught me integral parts of the religion that I should know as a Muslim. I thought the lectures were very engaging and I loved every single one of the movies. They each opened my mind to Islam in the perspective of people from all around the world and also from different time periods as well. Even the papers, though they seemed tedious at the time, were really beneficial. I especially liked the first paper in interviewing a Muslim and the part of the final where we interviewed a non muslim. I surprisingly learned a lot from that exercise.

in response to @koalabear93, I also agree that Islam classes should be more available to the public and a subject encouraged to take. I think this more after interviewing my non muslim friend and realizing that even though she has been friends with me for a year now, she knew nothing about Islam. Especially with Islam in the news basically every day now, and the fact that most of what is being said about the religion is not true, it is a subject people need to be more familiar and educated on. Overall, I think this class did a good job in explaining Islam, but I think that the basics were skimmed over too quickly and the basic core pillars of Islam weren’t touched upon as much. although this course was perfect for me as a Muslim and background understanding of the subject, I feel like other students who didn’t have as much of a background didn’t get the basics in this class.

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