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I have to admit that I had two very good classes this semester, and this is for sure one of them. I really appreciate the way the material was passed on to us by the professor. Coming from a land that surrounded, and have, a big Islamic influence in it I saw how little I know. Even in Israel, despite the conflicts, any Jewish person knows that Humus you eat at the Muslim cities, and not the Jewish.


In Israel yesterday, we remembered the soldiers who died to protect Israel. This day is very important to us and has a lot of people to many people, especially people who lost their beloved ones. I heard over the news that an extreme Islamic group is planning on going to damage this memorial stone, where 10 Israeli soldiers were killed in the 1967 war, in Sinai. I felt really bad, and I asked myself why they would want to do something like that. After learning about how much Islam is a peace religion, to see these extremists, and the way they behave, makes one want to not believe in religion, in any of them.

In response to foxtrot2012, religious discrimination will always appear, and will always be towards something different. And every time that something bad will happen, and one religion will be involved, somehow, the people will aim all their hate towards that religion, unfortunately ignorant people see very narrow. I wish any discrimination will stop and we will all live in peace.


It is my third blog doing it the right way, and I am really happy that at least my last few blogs would be okay. Last class we learned about the different levels of people in Islam. That said, It reminds me a lot of Judaism, and ho there are different people, but I guess it is the same in every religion or every group of people. People are entitled to their opinions and thoughts, and that is something that is hard to change, which also depends on the time and the place.

In the news, one of the candidates for the Egyptian government was disqualified from running for the presidency due to his previous involvement in the party. The president in Egypt is very important to the entire Middle East, maybe they will be able to balance and stable the area. The violence in Syria continues, every day more and more people are getting killed, and the world stands in silence. The sanctions against Iran continue, however, Iran still continues with the development of the uranium.

In a response to lollipopsgumdropsandsunshine, in every book you would find some wonders, and something that will surprise us, but they will each happen for the person who believe it, or in some cases the nation. There are many times that what is written in the book happens, for example, when I was young a group of soldiers crushed with the chopper and died. Now, after that disaster happened, people started to look for answers, and of course, the answer was in the bible. I mean, not really the answer, but they found that something was supposed to happen that day, at that place, and it was written so long ago that it is hard to believe, but it is obvious.  Maybe we should listen to these books, and look at them more often, and maybe learn.

Only recently I learned how to post here so I am still very excited about it. It is so funny how last time I wrote on this blog I was 5000 miles away, and now I am back here. Hello globalization, does it make our life better? Or does it just make it easier? I would not know how to answer this question. I saw many people wrote about us watching a movie this upcoming Thursday, and I have to say that I agree with it 100%. Regardless I am a big believer that movies can be very educational, and very effective on the student, and of course better the conventional learning, which is sitting in class and listen to a lecture, let’s be honest with ourselves, how many people really listen to the lecture?!

I read a few days ago that the Iranian president stated that they are moving forward with their nuclear plan, and even killing scientists will help, they will continue moving forward until they are ready. This behavior really scares most of the Arab world, who called many times for the president to stop with his evil plans as it will affect the whole world, and not only the existing enemies. Also, in Syria today there was a seize fire between the government and the rabbles, my questions is, if most people are against the government, who is the rabble? People doubt it will make any change, but at least hope for the blood spilling to stop.

In response to confusedbanana19 I did not even know that there was a tension between Islam and Yoga, however, I can see why, Yoga is a performance of a different religion, and one religion would not want to be associate with another religion, or with another religion’s virtues, as the religion would than not be unique. I went to my accountant a few days ago and I brought my dog, and he was really mad, and told me that it was against his religion, I have never heard something like this before, but I will explore more about it in order to understand more.

I was very disappointed reading everyone’s’ blogs and see what a good time they had. Although I am happy that it was funny experience. I was in Israel and heard a lot about the Jewish/Muslim conflicts. After being in class I now I understand a little better, by the reading, and in class, and it seems like the extremists making both look very bad, and not the real believers, they would like to enjoy practicing religious, and not to fight each other.

I did not get a chance to do so much from the reading, but I did see from the reading the examples, such as Muhammad’s life and agenda, and some of it make a lot sense. People are people, and each person believe in what they believe, and one can also see how much the religions are close to each other. One can also see that two people from two different religions, not extremists, would have not issues whatsoever and can live in peace.

I read many things about the Arab world, being in the Middle East, for only a few days. One of the things that caught my eyes was the meeting between the Iranian president, and the Turkish president. In the meeting the Turkish flag was not raised in the capital, in the Iranian capital. The Turkish people are very symbolic, and not to have the flag while their president is there would be an insult and very offensive.  

As I mentioned at the beginning, and as a response to everyone, I am happy they all had a great time, and people were happy, it is not obvious to enjoy a class, you need a strong professor. There are different ways of learning, and some times change in the path would be interesting, and sometimes exciting, and it will make a big change on the entire class.


Posted on: March 27, 2012

Due to a lake of time and a family emergency, my blog will not be as good as it usually is, I apologize in advance. Last time in class we kept going over the chapter that prof. Mozaffar gave us from the Qur’an about the story of Joseph. We also went over the skit we will present in class this week.

I just got home to israel and Iran and Syria are both the main issue over the news , rapidly. Today I heard over the news that the president of Syria, bashar el Assad, visited in one of the cities that his army found and he was not very welcome there from obvious reasons. The sanctions against Iran and it nuclear plan are increasing.

One of the other things I read was about the massacre in Tuluz, French. A father and four of his children were killed by a Muslim guy. Unfortunately, even though the guy was very distressed young man, who had a history of violence and other criminal recorded, he was a Muslim, and the general picture looks as a Muslim terrorist guy attacking a religious Jewish people.

In a rsponse to voy, unfortuenatly there are many reasons why people are being discriminated, not only becuase of the fact they are from a certin religion. I am really against generlization, as every person is an individual regarding of what he/she believes.

Last class we voted again if to watch a movie or not, and the good guys won, and we started watching the movie. I am not very happy with this choice of movie, I am on the south side every day, and hear and see things. A few months ago, while I was driving to one of our properties in the west side, I saw a gang of people jumping on this one guy, who seemed like homeless, they were using baseball bats, and the guy was laying there bleeding. No one could really help, as they were afraid for their life, as so was I. The police got there pretty fast, however, the people who hurt the guy were not there anymore, they managed to escape. So, for someone who experiences it a lot, it is not a very nice experience.

I do find it interesting how sometimes religious can help people that are lost, and it seems that through the lady, who is playing the main character, reach the people who are violent. Moreover, from Rumi poetry we can see how much religion can effect someone, although Rumi does it , and explain it through music and dance , and by that make the person get closer with God.  I hope within time more and more people will devote themselves to religion, or even something else, and quit the violence, and understand that things can be different if one want them to be different.

In the news, the government in Syria reported that some military tanks boomed a few suburbs close to the capital Damasks. The booming was aimed towards the “New Free Syrian army” which is the main resistance against the current government in Syria. Before this specific booming from the army, they said that the rebels attacked with some missiles that were stolen from the army. Asad doe s not stop the attack against his p[people. Earlier in the week I heard  that the sanctions against Syria is getting worse and worse, as well as towards Iran.

In a response to confusedbanana19, first of all the fact that it is in Chicago, and so close to us, make us realize that things like that are basically in our back yard, and maybe we should do something about it as well. The things you have seen in the movie, are very really and are very close, we cannot live in our bubble all our lives, we have to open our eyes, look around us, and maybe try to help, with whatever we can, as it is not simple.  I grew up in a nice area, but very close to me there were a few bad areas, that not once we were hit by them, and suffered, stabbing, verbal violence, etc. I really hope one day it will change, and there will be better solutions, and not to kill anyone.

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Posted on: March 15, 2012

I missed class last week, it is my peaceful amusing, in a good educational way of course, time. At this time last week on Thursday, I was sitting at home with my feet up, with my dog next to me, and we were eating ribs together, and watching Borat, it was great. I did listen to the news, which were not very good regarding Iran, and what is going on in Syria.

The reading this week starting chapter 12, were about poems. And how these poems are all about peace and love, and the worship to God. The law of the Islam are very much like the Jewish laws, that have been developing through the years, but were similar before.

Keeping hearing about what is going in Syria, and the start in the south Israel now, after more than 300 rockets were flying from Gaza to Israel. It is funny to learn any religion and to see, that in every religion, or society, the extremists kill the beauty of the religion itself. I wish the world was less violent, and people were more tolerance with each other.

In a response to wiseguy17 I find it really interesting what you wrote. I did not know that some people would be offend by that. I did not understand through, who were the two sides, and why they are offended.