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Today was our very last day of class in theology. It was a sad day, but it was certainly a memorable one. I learned a lot more than I ever thought possible about Islam. The entire semester was jam packed with information along with some amazing movies along the way. The class discussion was always hilarious and very informative. I for one would enjoy it the most when we would discuss our own religions and philosophies. My favorite movie from all this was still the first one we saw. I had previously watched that movie before, and I always get a different message to take home (still do). It taught me to never judge and always be a good person. The religion or color of skin shouldn’t determine if people are good or bad. That is simply off of their deeds as people. That being said, there is a lot more to take from the movie My Name Is Khan.

I want to respond to  sunkissed23 and I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Malcolm X was a beautiful movie where Denzel Washington portrayed himself so well. He is an inspiration for all young African Americans all throughout the world and always strives for greatness. When he was killed at the end, it broke my heart to see someone doing so much good for the world and the fact that he was making a huge help to his followers and people. To think his own people (his own followers!) did this to him is simply flabbergasting. I am still in shock just thinking about it. But, he will never be forgotten because his name lives on forever.


This week in class was very informative and interesting. The movie we watched in class was so interesting I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. This movie really displayed the struggle that Malcolm X went through and all the turmoil he had to face as a group and most importantly, alone. It’s very difficult to live in the days of what was going on because of what everyone had to go through. I felt very bad when I saw Malcolm X get shot down like an animal for no reason. His followers were not being very loyal to him and didn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. He was a beautiful who wanted to stand up for what was right. It was right of him to go down as a martyr and suffer the way he suffered at the end. His family went though a lot during and after his death and his so called “followers” should get an eye for an eye.

I want to comment on  @cooper120 and I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I also enjoy having conversation with other about what went on and the attacks that occur throughout. Its all about being a good person and giving back to society. The events of what occurred at Paris was a huge shame and I for one think that it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It really hurts me to see the faces of those people in Paris who had to suffer this tragic loss and have to deal with not seeing their friends, family, and loved ones anymore due to this horrific attack. I for one always stand by what’s right and my prayers go out to everyone in Paris.


Today this week in class has been a great and memorable one. We are watching an amazing movie Malcolm X. I love this movie for many reasons and Denzel Washington is phenomenal throughout the whole thing. He really gives it that edge and makes the character come alive and pops off screen in each and every single scene. It really goes to show that around any part or time in the past, being Muslim hasn’t been a walk in the park even in its slightest. I really looked into how the Nation of Islam comes together and really gives their support and helpfulness towards Malcolm and his followers. He has a strong message for everyone and even though everyone doesn’t give him the support they all want to, he finds himself much more up against bigger conflicts and restrictions. That being said, it was very interesting for me to see him trying to make himself look white. He would die his hair, wear fancier clothes, and talk with a different accent and tone.


I want to comment on @hashir1211 and I couldn’t agree with you more my friend. I feel that often in Islam and within many Muslims that there is always a struggle to find peace with everyone in any aspect. Everyone is entitled to their own religion and philosophy towards what they feel they want to believe in. Who is it up to so that they have to tell other that they are wrong and not being supported? Look at all the people behind Malcolm. He is their leader and wouldn’t make fun of or take them for granted in the slightest. Their certain race or gender role has nothing to do with the fact that they are trying to live their live in society and be equals amongst everyone. The nation of Islam has spoken and support these highly intelligent individuals in all aspects of race and color.

This week in class was simply awesome! I always love coming into this class with my head held up high knowing full well I am going to learn something amazing today. We learned a lot about how religion is at different versions, stems, roots, etc. The thing about religion is that is a beautiful thing until someone tries to manipulate and use it in the wrong context. A lot of people’s life and lively hood is their religion and is claimed and known to be their identity. From praying to preaching and everything in between, people are very accustomed to their religion. There is no such thing as a good or bad religion and everyone wants to follow what they were brought up to worship what they feel is right and fits with their lifestyle. That being said, all religions have their own goals and future objectives that need to be done in ones lifetime. Even though all religions should be viewed and treated as equally (in a perfect world) it’s never that case.

I am responding to  maebualoy and I couldn’t agree with you anymore than I already do. I feel that we are on the same page when we speak of religion and adversity. All rellgions have different meanings, purposes, philosophies, etc. But that doesn’t mean we take away from what religion means to people and the end goal. Everyone has their end goal but it can be met with different ways and knowing full well that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For example, in math if I want to get to the sum of 15 I can do 5+5+5=15. but that doesn’t mean that’s the only ay to get to the sum of 15. I can do 3+3+3+3+3=15. There are indeed different ways to an end goal but different ways, points of views, and perspectives that people must take into account.

Today’s week in class was a very informative and interesting week of the semester. I think one of the most important and noteworthy classes to date. I feel that us talking about different sections of Muslims and the fact that no one section or “sector” of Muslims is labeled as “better” or more “religious” and etc. It’s not fair or even right to claim that your sector or section of the same exact religion and faith is more correct than the others. No one wants to believe they are wrong and granted, I feel that in my honest opinion, everyone is right in their own way. What bothers me even more is the fact that I am Hindu/Punjabi but some Sikh’s claim me and not being Punjabi and being fake. This really upsets me because I am a very nice kid and very religious tolerant but I cant stand for anyone to call me fake and not in touch with my religion. I feel that people are just being ignorant and rude because although I am not 100% Punjabi I am still very faithful and proud of my religion. Nobody has the right to tell me my sector of my religion is fake. And I feel bad for some of the Muslim sectors who have to hear and be claimed that they are “fake”. We are all humans and people and need to be treated as such.

I will be responding to  aahmed0494 and I couldn’t agree with you anymore than possible. I feel that these sectors and different Muslims are a lot more similar and a sense of togetherness than separate. We should all reach out to our fellow religion and culture. What’s the point of point figure and ridiculing people of their faith? I think that’s one of the worst things that can be done to a person. Most people’s identity is their religion. You can tell with a lot of people right away what religion they are based on their build, skin color, hair color, etc. When you attack’s someone “identity” (which in this case I will use religion). That being said, I would never want to offend anyone so always be careful of what you say out loud and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. It goes to show how much ignorance there is in today’s world. This doesn’t have to continue unless we put a stop to it.

This week in class was one of the most profound days of class I have ever been to. We ended up finished up the movie. This movie was a British dark comedy that has been one of the funniest yet saddest movie I have ever seen. I can sense the bits of irony and remorse on the characters faces (Omar and his brother). That being said, I learned a lot more from this movie than I ever though possible. I admit that the swearing was a bit much and over done but it was still very informative and got their point across. Terrorism today is one of the most talked about forms of violence that has been in the world. From all across the globe. This goes to show that stereotypes and labeling takes it toll throughout the globe. We have to ensure that we take into consideration that NOT ALL MUSLIUMS ARE TERRORISTS. I can’t express this explanation enough. I feel that this isn’t the whole problem. I want to state that this movie showed us a lot of people are “confused”. By that, I mean half of them don’t know what the meaning and purpose of jihad is and take it for granted. They are killing and being killed by their religion. It is sickening to see people get ridiculed and tortured by this thought process.

I am responding to @ambiguoustraviesa today. I feel that we are on the same page with your post from my post. The heart, mind, and body are represented as one. That the ways of the Islamic paradigm is not being worshiped and not respected as it should be respected. To be within inner peace, I feel that everyone should respect all religions and worships your Gods. That’s being said, that means to respect everyone’s culture, religion, and philosophies. Once that gets taken care of, we can finally understand why the ignorance spread throughout out nation to that of the ignorant people in our society. We need to start spreading the word of peace and prosperity, not to make fun of and kill other religions that is making no sense and just killing people left and right. It is not fair for those who respect all religions and then get disrespected all around the globe.

Today in class we had a really good time learning about a lot of different stuff going on. I remember that we were going over how Allah was telling Muhammad about the Qur’an. Then we learned that telling stores over and over again doesn’t always make sense or even have the same sense of wording that goes with what was said in the beginning. I feel that this is very true because when I start to tell a story about a topic or various topics that words get twisted and points of views change between what is being said and what has been said. I also feel that the phone game we played in class was a very realistic viewpoint on what happens in the real world back then, what happens now, and what will happen in the future. The phrase that was first said in the beginning of the class was virtually NOTHING compared to what was actually being told to everyone. Someone who was being a brat could have changed the whole wording and nobody would have ever known it to be true. That being said, don’t believe every single word you hear. You must have your own opinions and viewpoints of what goes on.

I wanted to get a chance to respond to @lucrambler7249. I went to the same event called Unveiled: Muslim Women who talk about Hijab. I want to take a moment to just add onto her awesome post! It is really hard to be a Muslim nowadays what with 9/11 and it doesn’t make it any easier (actually it arguably makes it much MUCH harder to wear a hijab) to wear a hijab in this culture. They get harassed, discriminated, and ridiculed because of their religion of the scarf over their heads covering their hair. Some women during this documentary were very supportive and had a stronger support behind them. While others have very little to no support behind them for their religion. That makes it harder to do anything in life without stereotypes going left and right around peoples minds. The MSA members are their to support them through thick and thin and I for one think this is just the best.