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As this being my last post I would like to say a few words about this class. I walked in knowing barely anything about Islam and now Im walking out knowing so much. There is so much to this religion that some people fail to see, and I really wish that they would learn. We have watched several movies in this class and after watching them Ive come to see that even though the religion is the same the way people live and follow it quite different across various countries of Islam. It has been one the fastest growing religions all over the world yet still people know nothing about it. I am glad I took this course because I have learned so much.


As I was working on the final paper and watched the movie Koran by Heart I was amazed by how important it is to memorize the Qur’an. They held a special competition every that brought children from all of over the world to test them on how well they can memorize the Qur’an and recite it. The amount of stress since on the faces of the children and parents was crazy. They practiced for months and months. Some said that you must learn the Qur’an before you learn anything else.I just thought this was interesting because I am 21 years old and I have never memorized a whole book word for word yet, and there are all these children who work like crazy to memorize the Qur’an. I just thought that was very interesting

In response to basically everyone else that talked about Wadjda I also think this was one of my favorite movies we’ve watched all semester. Yes I liked My name is Khan but had seen that movie before so when looking at all of the movies I watched this semester wadjda would definitately be one of my favorites.



Posted on: December 2, 2015

Post we finally finished up wajda this week. I thought it was a great movie and was one of my favorites from all of the movies we’ve watched this semester. In class we talked about how patriarchy is portrayed in this movie. One of them was how wajda’s name was taken off the family tree because she was a girl and not a boy. I instantly thought it was her father but the movie never really did tell us who was the one to take it down the mother or father. I thought that was interesting cause that left us guessing cause it could have been either of the two even though we automatically assumed it was the father.

In response to @batakanushak I also thought after watching all these different movies how religion plays a role in a person’s life. It is not the same for everyone. Where you live, what country you are from, which sect you belong to, how you have been brought up, and so much more impacts the way one lives their life and how their traditions from their relgion impacts them.

I never got a chance to talk about the movie on Malcolm X so I thought I’d take the time to do so. Overall I thought this was a great movie, I truly enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting how much Malcolm had changed since the beginning of the movie till the end. His ideologies were completely different by the end of the movie. I also thought it was great how he stood up for what he believed. Even though the others did not follow what he believed and threatened to hurt him and his family he stood up.

In response to @sahmed1231 I also thought the scene where Malcolm was in jail and learned about Islam was quite moving. I would also agree that I did not really know that the movie we were watching was about Malcolm X in the beginning. In fact, I didnt really like it at first but by the end I began liking it. I thought it was quite terrible and heart touching what happened in the end, when Malcolm died.

In class we talked about the three levels that exist within Islam. Islam is doing acts because an external force is telling you to do so. For example, people only pray however many times they are required to do so because there is an external force telling them to do so. Then there is Iman which is doing something because you want to do it. The same example can be related because the person prays because he, himself wants to pray not because he is forced to. Then theres Ihsan which is communicating with the divine. Everything you do means you are communicating with God.

In response to @aahmed0494 I also thought it was interesting thing that as one approaches the level of Ihsan the person’s character increases as well as selflessness. A person becomes more concerned about the people around him then himself. They become more self-centered about their life and more interested in others. Basically everything doesn’t revolve around them.

In class we talked about the goals each religion has and how could the be interchangeable among one another. I believe that each religion expects practically about the same from each individual; however, the path of getting to that end achievement is different. For example, it makes sense that every religion expects humans to be good people and harm nobody. Do good and you will receive good. In the end, God wants everyone to be good human beings like the way he created us.

In response to @lucrambler7249 I agree with you when you say Hinduism believes in reincarnation but that is only for nine lives in the end we also do believe in akashardham which in a sense is the same as heaven. Every religion does has a different view of how heaven is but in the end what is the point of heaven, its the fact that you are closer to God because you followed his footsteps. Every religion has differences but I believe essentially every God whether it’s Allah, Jesus, or any other God they all essentially expect the same thing from their believers.

Today in class we learned about the Shia and Sunni and I was actually kind of surprised to hear that they really arent that different. Even though they barely differ from each other they still don’t get along and I thought that was kind of interesting. The Shia give more attention to those that are part of Muhammad’s household not all of his companions while the Sunni believe in giving importance to both, those in the house as well as the companions. The two also differ in that fact that Shia believe that the successor after Muhammad should’ve been Ali all along while the Sunni believe Ali was one of the successor but he wasn’t the only one.

In response to @marsayeed I also did like the fact that Four Lions was a funny movie making us laugh at things that we normally wouldn’t think about laughing at. I also wasn’t sure how I felt about the movie but by the end I did understand the message the director had tried to send out. Sometimes we fight thinking we know what we are fighting for but in reality we have no idea. Even though I was upset about the fact that everyone died in the end even Omar I believe it was a good movie.